Tuotekuva Aava Rake/Trimmer is a revolutionary invention, that works both on lan..
Tuotekuva Aava Eaves Washer is a new kind of aid for safe and easy cleaning of e..
Tuotekuva Aava Roof Washer is a perfect partner for safe and easy roof cleaning...
Tuotekuva Our unique bottle stoppers for wine, champagne and sparkling wine keep..
Tuotekuva Finnish laser-cut, handmade large chopping boards for your kitchen or ..
Tuotekuva Crayfish knife blades are made of stainless, tempered AISI 420 steel. ..
Tuotekuva Avasu- product family of master openers enables you to open any type o..
Tuotekuva A set of eight different knifes, filleting spike and fishbone tweezers..
Tuotekuva We provide 3D printed spare parts, such as windscreen attachments for ..
Tuotekuva Self-assembled 3D globe. With a diameter of 30cm, the globe is the sam..

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