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Aava Eaves Washer

Aava Eaves Washer is a new kind of aid for safe and easy cleaning of eaves. It allows you to clean and wash eaves using a telescopic arm. The eaves washer has two functions that allow you to wash and empty the eaves by turning the handle around.

The eaves washer has an attachment on the wash side that allows you to attach the Sini dish brush. (Please note that you can also attach the brush head you are using in the kitchen) and the hose outlet. Connect a standard garden hose to the Eaves Washer to both clear and clean simultaneously. By turning the Washer around, you will have a shovel at your disposal to manually drop excess moss and continue washing the gutter

The Roof Washer comes complete with an Exel telescopic rod with a reach of 5.2m, but it is also compatible with other rods, including Fiskars, Wolf & Garten, Gardenia and many others.

The Finnish Aava product family also comes complete with a Rake Trimmer with a cleaning net and a Roof Washer. All products and accessories are available for individual purchase.

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