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Aava -rake-trimmer

Aava Rake/Trimmer is a revolutionary invention, that works both on land and in water. It allows you to manually cut reeds in water, while also functioning as a rake and garden trimmer on dry land. With its sharp blade and long shaft, it’ll get to work even in those hard-to-reach places where the lawnmower cannot get to. It is also safer and more enjoyable than working with a standard garden trimmer.

Thanks to its ultra-sharp blade, the trimmer cuts the reeds with the handy telescopic rod. You can then turn the trimmer around to use the rake feature, which will enable you to clear out the waste. 

Rake/Trimmer comes with a jointed rod, that allows you to follow along the waterbed. The bottom surface of the trimmer holds 1-2 strong magnets for collecting metal waste. (sold separately).

The blade is stored in the shaft and easily taken on and off use using wingnuts. The trimmer comes with a durable and light telescopic rod from Exel with a reach of 5.2m but it is also compatible with other rods in the market, such as Fiskars, Wolf & Garten and many more. The Trimmer is available in 12 different colours.

We also have microplastic net, that helps you to capture any remaining waste from the water. The net allows you to collect reed and other waste from the water. The base of the net has a strong magnet for collecting small metals from the bottom of the water.

The holes of the net are 2mm, which is suitable for collecting micro waste. Micro waste generally includes any waste that is less than 5mm, such as plastic. It is also perfect for baiting small fish.

The Finnish Aava product family also comes complete with a gutter wash, roof moss cleaner and a snow clearer. All products and accessories are available for individual purchase.

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Aava Rake/Trimmer technical information

  • Blade is toughnened AISI 420 stainless steel
  • Rake and joint are made of seawater aluminium EN AW-5754
  • Waterproof neodymium-magnets
  • 5m+ reach with Exel telescopic rod
  • Reaches over trenches and dikes for collecting waste.
  • Suitable for boat decks and beaches, channels, ditches and gardens.
  • Not suitable for children. Always use gloves when handling the blade.

Aava Net technical information

  • Materials: Seawater aluminium EN AW-5754, stainless steel, Bioflex-plastic.
  • 5m+ reach with Exel telescopic rod 
  • Net circumference 56x46
  • Waterproof neodymium-magnets
  • Suitable for children with shorter rods (many colours available)

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